Backup and Migrate simplifies the task of backing up your Drupal installation, it's very handy specially when you administer several Drupal installations, but sometimes you want to store you're backup outside your server.

B&M itself support several destinations (from mirroring to another MySQL database to FTP download) and now using Backup and Migrate Dropbox you can export your backups directly to your Dropbox account.

To start saving your backups to Dropbox you just need to:

  1. Install and configure Backup and Migrate (B&M) module
  2. Download Backup and Migrate Dropbox
  3. Download DropboxUploader PHP library and place it in "sites/all/libraries/DropboxUploader" (there is a drush makefile in the module to help you out)
  4. Enable Backup and Migrate Dropbox module
  5. Create a new B&M's destination and enter your Dropbox credentials

Easy, huh?

As Dropbox user I'd like to recommend SugarSync as an alternative way to backup and sync your data in the cloud. Free accounts provide 5GB of disk space.
If anyone wants to register for an account, feel free to use my referral link that will add 500 MB further bonus to both mine and your account :)