Today we've released a new version of the CAPTCHA module for Drupal, CAPTCHA 7.x-1.3, here is the changelog:

  • #2453723 by nicrodgers: Session reuse attack error incorrectly shown on multi-step forms
  • #2235831 by andrdrx, bbu23: Add a theming funtion for generating the captcha image markup
  • #2375745 by codesidekick: Environment specific captcha disabling
  • #810534 by soxofaan, MiroslavBanov,, crimsondryad: Fix CAPTCHA session reuse
  • #825088 by nedjo, rash.jpr, desarrollo2.0, soxofaan, hefox, pachabhaiya, jec006, jmiccolis, ao2: Exportables support for CAPTCHA points

To download the latest version, click here.

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