Next week, Drupal Developer Days 2015 will be held in Montpellier, France. For those of you who haven't heard of the event before, Drupal Developer Days is the second most important Drupal event in Europe, held every spring in a different city from the old continent.

Drupal Developer Days Montpellier 2015 Logo

The event is highly technical (expect several advanced talks about Drupal 8 and beyond) and still has the cozy atmosphere we used to have in the old DrupalCons (DrupalCon Barcelona 2007, anyone?), lately it has been my favorite Drupal event.

Every year, we from Chuva ship around 5 of our Drupal Developers to attend the event, it's a 10.000 km trip from our home in São Paulo State, Brazil to Montpellier, France; but it's well worth the effort as it allows us an unique opportunity to meet our friends from the Drupal Community, Contribute code on the several sprints and share knowledge with our fellow Drupalistas.

If you haven't booked your flight and bought your ticket yet, there is still time, the late bird ticket is only 150.00 € (which is a bargain when you compare that with $ 550 USD for DrupalCon LA, huh?), it's your best opportunity to connect, meet, share with other drupalistas, buy your ticket here!

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