I've never blogged about Drupal Docs.

It's a project to get a new home to Drupal documentation and expand its power. The most important things here are:

  1. Get a nice place for documentation and make it easier for people to find what they want.
  2. Have a more organized distinction of different types of documentation content - handbooks, tutorials, tips and videocasts. If we have more space, why not get things organized? It will allow more concise handbooks and many many more tutorials and tips. Not to mention the videocast library, of course!
  3. Enable translation. As a non native English speaker I know how this matter for people who doesn't speak English. After all, Drupal is for everybody and ment to empower people all over the world.

This project does not involve writing or rewriting documentation, or restructuring handbooks. I'm not part of Drupal documentation team and the content is not my concern at all. The documentation team does an amazingly well-done job and Drupal Docs is only a bigger nicer home for them.

I'm developing a prototype at http://dev.chuva-inc.com/projetos/docs/ and everyone is welcome to see and give their opinion.

Most exciting things already implemented in this prototype:

  • Translation translation translation!
  • Different content types: handbooks, tips, tutorials, videocasts
  • Videocasts! And... subtitled videocasts!! Pretty neat, huh? Hat tip: Will White

Let's chat about it in Szeged?