'Tamos en Lima!

It's the last day of Drupal Summit Latino and we're here blogging directly from the UNI (by the way, what a nice acronym for a university), where people all across South and Latin America are gathered for Drupal. From Uruguay to Nicaragua, from Brazil to Spain, we're here to talk about Drupal and to do Drupal.

And we did talk. On Thursday, I've presented what we've been doing with Ubercart lately, and, man, we've been doing a lot with Ubercart lately. The organization has recorded and if I haven't completely messed up with the microphone, it will be online sometime. We've presented about two websites we've lauched the last semester - ALB, Cartolina - and a product we've been working on, currently in "test screening" phase.

ALB's website (Brazilian Association for Reading) uses Ubercart for a simple store, but also for charging yearly association fees from its members. The membership is reflected by role assignment, and some custom code allows us to track the history of changes in peoples' memberships.

Cartolina sells customized paper products, with an amazing Javascript-based interface for customizing their products, made possible by Ubercart's attributes system (and a whole bunch of code). Finally, our product uses Ubercart for paid Organic Groups inscriptions.

Here in Lima, there are moutains and there's the sea and there are cebiches. And now there's Drupal.

You are right, Cartolina has a very nice interface.

It's amazing how Drupal is growing by leaps and bounds and just keeps getting better and better. Congratulations again and keep up the good work.

Drupal is good of course but can you compare it to Lima?

Well Lima is often cloudy I suppose.

Nice to see the Drupal message is spreading throughout the Americas