The second Brazilian DrupalCamp took place the last weekend at the University of Campinas.

There were introductory sessions ("Dru... what?!") as well module development sessions. Nick Vidal, a KDI-winner, presented his ISS project, whereas our very own Lourenzo showed how to use stuff like Drush and Coder module; Rafael Silva gave an four-hours long lecture in the afternoon presenting Drupal to newcomers and MTV Brasil showed how they got 300 websites running in very short term.

Moreover, a true unconference happened, with people sharing interesting stuff such as OpenAtrium, Features, Zen, Aegir among other exiting stuff.

We're happy to see that the local community has shown a great interest in Drupal, expressed in tweets!

Hi José,

Indeed the event was good! Thank you and the rest of the Chuva team for the hard work to make this happen!

Kind regards,

Great to know more camps are happening back home, hopefully I get to join the next one. :)

Great work, keep galvanizing the community!