Today I made another release for SMTP Module, 6.x-1.1, here are the changes since 6.x-1.0:

  • #1795824 by Rob_Feature: INSTALL.txt gives wrong location for phpmailer
  • #1473434 by mpacific, wundo: drupal_mail_wrapper being declared needlessly
  • #1159080 by skwashd: Add make file to bundle dependencies
  • #1189940 by mattconnolly, benclark, afox, TrevorBradley: Fixed Corrupted attachments
  • Improving smtp_drupal_mail_wrapper code style
  • #712310 by rsvelko, Pls: Fixes utf-8 problem: weird character in mails
  • #1120212 by Ryan Palmer, Fabianx, lucor, wundo: Fixes site_mail value is not retrieved correctly
  • #1793626 by rfay: content type should handle return

You can download it here: