Today SMTP Module 7.x-1.0, was finally released!

You can download it here:

Here are the changes since 7.x-1.0-beta2:

  • Improved coding standards
  • #1402556 by juampy: Fixes 'Undefined offset: 0' due to array being empty on a failed test submission
  • #1686588 by liquidcms: Fixing comment
  • #1897394 by herbiek, Simon Georges: Fixes misspelling in text "Cheking" in stead of "Checking"
  • #1722996 by P3t3r, Simon Georges: Misleading password field description
  • #1442514 by wundo: Fixing indentation added by last patch
  • #1442514 by killua99: Fixes attachments of temporary files
  • #1098564 by mvw, Simon Georges: Updating README.txt to 7.x menu structure
  • #1915606 by Simon Georges: Enforce some coding rules
  • #1913922 by Simon Georges: Remove useless files[] directive from .info files
  • #980836 by oadaeh: Fix CC recipients sent as BCC
  • #1807390 by tobiasb, José San Martin: improves support to PHP 5.3, fixes deprecated function call to set_magic_quotes_runtime
  • #1189940 by mattconnolly, benclark, afox, TrevorBradley: Fixed Corrupted attachments
  • #1816092 by Tor Arne Thune, royerd: Fixes Undefined variable . Wrong variable name used in SmtpMailSystem::mail(). Should be
  • #1201198 by rootatwc, domidc, TR, pobster: Don't reset mail system variable
  • #1442514 by lavisrap, mavimo, gabrielu: Fixes sending attachments using modules smtp and mimemail