After almost a year since the last release on Textimage module I took sometime this week to commit fixes to issues and release a new version. Also today I'm welcoming a new co-maintainer to Textimage, mondrake!

Here are the release notes:

textimage 7.x-2.0-alpha2:

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha1:

  • Fixes #1421292 by mhuder: Implements textimage_field_formatter_view
  • Fixes #1274040 by szantog, mallezie, ayalon: Fixes fatal error related with ctools
  • Fixes #1462520 by TR: Removing LICENSE.txt from repo, d.o packing script should handle that
  • textimage 6.x-2.3:

    Changes since 6.x-2.2 (4 commits):

    • #1387346 by danielb: Fixes small t() inconsistency in hook_requirements()
    • #546034 by Garrett Albright, wundo: Add namespace to defines to prevent conflict with other modules
    • Fixes #923656 by SeanA: Fixes Watchdog function called with bad args

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