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Responsive Theming

As part of UNESCO's common Drupal platform, we've created a responsive Drupal 7, Bootstrap-based theme, that supports all kinds of desktop and mobile devices.

Not only will look nice wherever you open it, but also all of the websites based on UNESCO's common base theme are born with built-in mobile support.


At, we take Drupal's internationalization capabilities to the extreme. One single website may be presented in several languages, including Chinese and RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic. Every day, people across several timezones are creating new content for UNESCO's websites.

One platform suited to UNESCO's needs

To enable UNESCO's web strategy, we've built a common platform over which Chuva and remote teams have built several unique websites. A series of smartly built components facilitates efficient and coherent development.

“I worked with Chuva for the UNESCO official website and I am really happy I had this possibility. Chuva has a great knowledge of Drupal and has helped me solving some structural issues I was encountering in setting up an environment so complex as UNESCO's website.”

Denis Pitzalis


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